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Caregiver Friendly® Award

Winner of The Caregiver Friendly Awards
May, 2013, by Today's Caregiver

It is my great honor to announce that [DinerWear] has been awarded a 2013 Caregiver Friendly award in the Product category.

    DinerWear Cravaat as adult bib

    Listen to our radio commercial

    Myles wearing Cravaat as bib to protect his clothes from a spill

    Great for all ages
    Myles is 8 yrs old and a master at spills.



Adult bibs don't have to make you look like a child. A fashionable dining scarf, or dignified napkin bib make the perfect alternative.

Tired of dealing with food stains, but want to look stylish?
Get a Cravaat® or a Napkin at Your Neck®, so when...

Spills Happen... Stains Won't! Adult bib dining scarf protecting clothes from spaghetti spill

Where Fashion Meets Function - Adult Bibs with Style.

Take it from our customers:

"...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! [Cravaat] I just ordered my second one. I've worn it at home and out with friends. Not one person knew [it was an adult bib]--they all thought it was a scarf...The design is perfect and now I don't want to be without it. Thank you for a wonderful item." Marlene of Oreland, PA

"I used it the other night. Of course, I had Mexican and the salsa dropped on my shirt...but wait, I had my Cravaat on! Lucky day and I could enjoy the rest of my evening out - without doing the salsa walk of shame." Blog winner

"Our residents at Mt. Hope Nazarene Retirement Community are greatly enjoying the Napkins at Your Neck...In the past the clothing protectors we used were undignified, bulky and unattractive. They were costly as well... Thank you...for your kindness and attentiveness to seniors needs...You have replaced many a seniors' dignity." Michele, Administrator at Mt. Hope Nazarene Retirement Community, PA

Where could you use an adult bib?

where to wear an adult bib to protect clothes

Our dining scarf is the most fashionable clothing protector you'll find and the most dignified alternative to adult bibs.

and remember... An Ounce of Protection is Worth a Pound of Laundry.



Wholesale pricing for retailers and senior living communities ordering large quantities.
Great adult bibs for all levels of care, from Alzheimer's, Dementia, Disability, Assisted and Independent Living.
Makes a great move-in gift. ~ Makes a great gift shop item.
Contact us for a catalog or call (631) 371-1844